3D CADseek offers PLM Migration Planning and Integration of Acquired Parts Databases

  • Eliminate Redundancy

    CADSEEK allows engineers to quickly find existing parts by both shape and attribute searching so resources aren't wasted reinventing and re-qualifying existing parts.

  • Automate Part Classification

    Shape and attribute searching work hand-in-hand. CADSEEK allows shape to define product classification, rather than being reliant on existing, inconsistent or erroneous attributes.

  • Maximize Profits

    CADSEEK allows engineers to focus on innovation and speeds time to market.

  • Visual Data Management

    CADSEEK, the leading engineering search engine for geometric shape. Much more than a convenience, CADSEEK cuts through cumbersome database limitations to identify CAD models based on shape-siimlarity, using text description as useful filters.

View CADseek Video

  • CADseek Video

CADseek - a Visual Search Tool

Reuse and Repurposing

“CADseek can improve reuse and repurposing of existing designs by rapidly identifying similar parts through both geometric model based comparison and attribute based search engines”

CADseek – the visual Search Engine

“CADseek has created a visual search tool that is hard to explain in text, but is instantly intuitive in a demo. Basically, what CADseek is an open-ended search engine that allows the users to broadly look for parts in an unstructured manner”

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